Indian Sadus/Gurus

Those people who eager for meditation, spirituality and yoga need a teacher or Guru, who is a master on these fields, and can guide to the person in the right direction. Gurus or master has a highest place in the socity from very begning in India. These people always spreading spirituality, love, brotherhood, peace, meditation, and serving to others. They have made variouse rules and valus to contorll the socity through which can be seen today also in Indian socity.

The tradition of accepting, evaluating, following and seeking guru is deep-rooted in Hindu society from ver begning of the Hindu writings. However, it’s not important that all disciples having very close connection with Guru’s, while some disciples spend years with their guru, others meet the guru only once in their lifetime. Here some famous Gurus are Sri Maharshi Ramanna, Sri Devaraha Baba, Sri Satya Sai baba, Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Adi Sankaracharya, Sri Aurobindo, Mother Teresa, Swami Sivananda,

India is the place where various religions had takne birth such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, also known as Indian religions. Today, Hinduism and Buddhism are the world's third and fourth-largest religions correspondingly, with around 1.4 billion followers’ overall.



Cricket is a Mania! A passion! A fever! in India, this is what cricket is identical with. On this soil of one billion people has adopted cricket as if the game has been a part of its identity since ages. Everything else comes to a stand silent for cricket freaks when any cricket match is being played. Keeping a follow of cricket score becomes the most vital task on hand. India is a country where the game of cricket and cricket players give motivation to thousands of people.

We can understand cricket mania in much better way through the experience of an American writer who were travelling in deep western part of India is describing his experience in his word which is quite interesting: "Even when I tried to escape civilisation deep into the Indian Desert in the north-west, near the border with Pakistan, cricket discussion. I was on a camel trek almost for 3 days, and my camel driver had played only camel polo somtimes and had never seen a certified cricket match because he had never watched television. But this guy who had never been more than 30 kmss from the legendry fort of Jaisalmer and who had never heard about nuclear bombs, rattled off statistics about the national team and details of the players' private lives. He even worked in a few critical remarks about the Pakistani team. (He) noted my amazement. `You have to understand,' (he) said, spitting out a gob of betel nut and saddling up his camel. `all that i can say Indians are crazy about this cricket.'"

Today Sachin Tendulkar is most famous personality among Indians.