Fast Fact

Despite so many differences, Indians are unified and of their tradition, culture. Either through beauty contest or international film festivals. Also showing through its culture and talent. Number of rulers from out side invaded India but no one could damage to its customs & traditions somewhat Indians saved good values of their cultures too. Indians has absord the changes as coming from different people and has stood with fashionable culture today.

India’s culture has been formed not only by its geography, long history and a variety of demography, moreover by its very old traditoines, which were created at some stage in the Indus Valley Civilization and evolved additional during the Vedic age, grow and fall of Buddhism, the Golden age, invasions from Central Asia, European colonization and the rise of Indian nationalism

Unity in Diversity :

In India The languages, religions, dance, music, architecture and its customs differ from place to place within the country, but however acquire a harmony and unity. The culture of India is fusions of various sub-cultures broaden all over the country and traditions that are several hundred years old




For Hindus in India, the Ganges is not just a river but a culture, a mother, a tradition, a goddess, and much more. Various Hindus believe life isnot ccomplete without taking a bath in Ganges at least once in their life time. Many Hindu families keep phial of water from the Ganges in their houses to use at various occasions, The name of the Ganges is known all throughout the land of India. This river runs for 2,490 kms from the Himalayas all the way to the Bay of Bengal is more than just flowing water.

As soon as the day starts in Indian cities along side the Ganges, religious Hindus begins prayers and offering of the flowers and garlands of marigolds, Roses or lotuses & lights into the Ganges water. here its more clear from the word of traveller Diana L Eck "Banaras City of Light" "they may take up her water and put it back into the river as an offering to the ancestors and the gods". In cupped hands they will also take the ritual drink of the Ganges and then fill a container to take with them to the temple. On great celebration occasions, Hindus ford the river in boats, uproar "Ganga Mata Ki Jai!"

As per mythology a Hindu is cleans his sins by taking bath in Ganges that’s why its called “MOKSHADAYINI” also.